the gray room/ 2007

absence of the present/ can marques contemporaneo/ artist in residence/ palma de mallorca/ spain

the room was reserved for celebrations of the utmost importance/  the use of this room was responding to the social need to allow relatives and acquaintances to participate in special celebrations such as births and weddings/ in such cases, guests were rewarded with chocolate and ensaimada, quartos, eses and all sorts of pastries, (fruta confitada) and ice cream/ 
the work attempts a connection  of this historically charged room with sketches from Knossos findings used for similar occasions/ a reflection of the social and aesthetic aspects of that time to the contemporary time of the historic centre of palma de mallorca/ the work interacts with the decoration and furniture of the gray room as well as the lighting and orientation and comments on the connections of time and space/ 

wrapped chair/ paper, masking tape, ink

family plate/ plate, ink, paper, thread

over and below/ water color, ink, paper

pot face/ watercolor on millimeter paper a2

the house/ ink, acrylic on paper and cardboard/ 29x60 cm

souvenir II/ watercolor on paper/ 300x150 cm

souvenir II/ watercolor on paper/ 300x150 cm

praying/ hand print photo on paper bag/ 25x25 cm