the market place/ 2005

residency/ gemine muse/ ernst museum/ budapest/ hungary

Each artwork has multiple readings depending on the imagination and experiences of the viewer. Positive and negative effects of historical circumstances, economic, cultural and artistic coincidences continually forge this relationship.As a spectator or as an artist I compare myself with the elements of life, art, history.I am in the museum. There is an endless melancholy thread between myself and the work, a beauty, a reassuring habit, a convenience. A need to be part of the action, part of gesture, of history.The first impression I have is the notion of time. A research of the truth of the past and the present becomes a conscious material for me to help me figure out where and what I am. Collectible memories and historical events can be a source of internal reconstruction. I hear the echo of past times and places. I attempt a journey through time by letting time transform me from just a narrator of history to a writer of history that has just being reborn, the same history but at the same time completely new. One idea that comes not from diversity, but from the dialogue between the old and the new, an indication of continuity between past and present.I am in the strange space between the museum artwork and the work of my own and i make connections. I relive the history of the work through familiar images of art, through beauty.I discover what has escaped my attention and I connect it with my personal story, the one is being waiting to be said or is being born at that very moment: items that are not being isolated or erased just being brought to light; feelings and sights that are mixed: stories of nostalgia and innocence, memory and oblivion, the beginning of life and death, the "then" and the "now", the future and the memories, the infinite and the instant moment. I have the opportunity to create a world of vision and imagination.
And I say: "Okay, so you've seen it this way... but take a look at this too... "