utopia_dystopia/ 2011

institute of contemporary greek art/ athens
audio visual performance with jim hobbs and vassilis vlastaras

a temporary installation of works that play off of each other, focusing on themes of utopias/ at the center of this is the first (looped) screening of utopia/dystopia, a short 16mm film, shot in reythmno, crete from jim hobbs (guest artist, utopia and nature, 2010)/ filmed in black & white and colour, single frame by single frame, the film denies the idealistic view of the greek island and shifts between positive and negative imagery of barbed wire, fences, animal bones, aban- doned architecture, disused portals/ upon hobbs' film projection, vassilis vlastaras is playing live with moving images and pictures creating a link with past utopias/ among the sound of the 16mm projector and old radio frequencies, glyka is singing along utopia texts while she continuously records, recompose and replay them/

video documentation