evocative objects*/ 2014

beton 7/ athens

"objects are in our world every day expanding the limits of our choices/ they help us on taking decisions, we are doing something with them and other times we adapt them into our needs as contemporary inventors/  the object is presumed as given through searching of desires and comforts/ it looks more natural than artificial, and ends up being  important. In our relation with it, our thought and emotion are inseparable/ we are investigating memory, loss, ownership/ we reproduce it ourselves, from another material, in our effort to maintain contact with our past, with people, with spaces/ it loses its usability, its aesthetics, it becomes a co-star in our lives waiting for the appropriate role, that one of the partner, of the familiar, of the challenge/ it make us confront desire or our relationship to history, the value of the exchange, the difficulty of the transition/ through this process ourself is changing its discovering knowledge, its being recreated"/

* the title is borrowed from the book "evocative objects-things we think with" by sherry turkle, mit press 2007