symposion_tipoukeitos/ 2015

bohemia club/ st leonards on the sea/ uk
curated by jim hobbs
miltos frangopoulos' personal archive
cataloguing and digital scans by marianna kalamara

in 1960 george boukouvalas a greek journalist from athens opened a small night club inspired by the post-war parisian or “boîtes de nuit” (sometimes referred to as “existentialist bars”) under the name "τυπούκειτος" (tipoukeitos) in plaka, under the acropolis/ two years later he opened "συμπόσιον" (symposion)/ it was the beginning of a long line of boîtes in athens through the sixties and early seventies/  people were sitting on the floor on old cushions under dim light drinking wine and listening to greek “new wave” songs and contemporary poetry/ performers had to be simple and ready to improvise sitting just half a meter from the audience with only a guitar or a piano/  
this material belonged to th. d. frangopoulos an important post-war greek intellectual who was a friend of boukouvalas’ and often his "accomplice" in creating events and filling them with important presences. these are the invitations that were made by hand often accompanied by sketches and drawings of famous greek painters and were delivered door to door to the guests/ 
the archive currently belongs to art historian miltos frangopoulos, th. d. frangopoulos’ son and this is the first time that it is being presented to the public/