...weeds, those trojans..._new weeds/ 2014

natures aesthetic preservation and human intervension - aspects of utopia and systopia/
bookshop projectspace/ skaftfell institute for visual arts/ seydisfjordur/iceland
performance by maria glyka & vassilis vlastaras/ mixed media

“aesthetic appreciation of nature, at the level of forests and landscapes, requires embodied participation, immersion, and struggle/ we initially may think of forests as scenery to be looked upon/ that is a mistake/ a forest is entered, not viewed/ it is doubtful that one can experience a forest from a roadside pullover, any more than on television…/ you do not really engage a forest until you are well within it…/ in the forest itself, there is no scenery/ holmes rolston III 
“aesthetic experience in forests”
journal of aesthetics and art criticism 56/ 1998