abstracted mythologies/ 2017

5th base gallery/ london/ 
chokoladefabrikken/ copenhagen/ 
beton7/ athens
curated by Michael Delacruz
in heaven and hell, aldous Hhxley refers figuratively to the symbols, myths, and narratives that frame our conscious understanding as ‘landscapes’/ for him our mythical underpinnings, our grip on the world, are cognitive locations wherein we rather comfortably dwell/ by extension, the role of art is to press our impulse to expand beyond this realmand explore/ through this geospatial and acutely visual metaphor, huxley effectively suggests that art in its full potential can provoke a journey to the farthest reaches of our mental latitudes – the antipodes of the mind – that provide new vistas, new worlds, and new places to inhabit/ like the great explorers of bygone ages, the visual dimension provokes us to discover places where, as huxley describes them, the bewildering phantasms of both gods and monsters may be encountered/
abstracted mythologies is a series of exhibitions appearing in london, copenhagen, athens and new york that endeavours to bring this idea to life by extending the familiar into the unfamiliar and to bring into contact visual interpretations from various transnational perspectives of what one could loosely define as ‘foundational cultural narratives’/ this could mean anything from ancient myths and stories that help to shape a specific cultural identity to more proximate political narratives that likewise help to structure the political character of a society such as ‘the myth of democratic progress’/