nature: a passage or an obstacle/ 2016

wip:sthlm/ stockholm/ sweden
in collaboration with vassilis vlastaras
mixed media installation

h. d. thoreau, in "walden; or Life in the woods" (1854), sets a moral question on what is correct and what is violent regarding human intervention in nature/ in relation to this interference we investigate the ambivalent, paradoxical character of the connections created between human and nature/ following our collaborative research and visual practice we investigate and visually debate on aspects that challenge our contemporary society's view/ the dilemma on whether nature stands as a passage or an obstacle in this procedure often obtains a substantial role in order to comprehend research crucial sources/ what happens when human is or is not the centre of this relation? what are the elementary boundaries and limits? when these relations act as a useful way, a passing through? when do they become a barrier, a block, an obstruction? what is there on the other side?
our project aims on creating visual space as a dialogue between nature and human existence/ our installation is constituted from printed images, reformed objects and spoken words in an attempt to depict, to represent, to delimit that non claimed space between human and nature's predominate forces/ where ground and human power come to an existence as a collaboration, a precondition of retreats, as constant battles or surrender without a fight, creating cultural, aesthetic and moral relations/