city index II/ 2007

easa 07/ elefsina
organized/curated by kormoranosprinted adhesives on windows/ variable dimensions
my city index attempts to depict a reflection of mysterious ancient side of the town into the everyday scenery/ people walking by, old trees, new pedestrians and urban structures are found in between, extending the physical view towards the window/ sketches, real objects and blur transparencies are connected and mixed forming the new greek reality/

easa (european architecture students assembly), was founded 27 years ago as a european network of young architects with the aim of investigating contemporary architecture, urbanism and technology/ in the rich variety of events centered around the theme put forth by the host city, elefsina was discussed as a city in transition and in search of a new identity, with a rich industrial heritage/ the theme was in itself a platform for ideas for the meetings which have “city-index” as a theme/ easa 07’s specific goal was to explore the complexity of the urban environment and decode elefsina’s contemporary image/