i am a karate american egg/ make america great again/ 2017

beton7/ athens
audio-visual performance with jim hobbs and vassilis vlastaras

false news produced intentionally for advertising purposes, seeking profit or appearing by mistake - informed citizens on social media living in a hyperlinked world where speed of information exceeds the speed of truth and it remains a reference point even though it is proved untrue/ thirty years after the fall of the Wall, international debates are being held for the "cost" of constructing a new one/ is the Greenhouse Effect a hoax? did the Simpsons predict the election of the new US president? ds just playing golf the answer?
“…The posturing is not entirely surprising. Mr. Trump’s proposals to wall off the United States from a variety of foreign influences fit the promises he made to his base of working-class white voters, resentful of how trade and immigration have changed the country they claim as their own…
…Then there is the fact that Mr. Trump’s macroeconomic strategy, which looks set to marry increased government spending with high interest rates, is in some tension with his objectives on trade: By strengthening the value of the dollar, it will make the trade deficit bigger.
Finally, the problems that the president has resolved to tackle have largely petered out on their own. More Mexican immigrants are leaving the United States than coming in. And Chinese exports to the United States are actually declining…”
New York Times, Eduardo Porter, 31/1/2017